Gold Rush – Golden Ale
Gold Rush is an excellent introduction to the full flavor and freshness of handcrafted ales.  Brewed with Pilsner malt and Noble German hops, this smooth unfiltered ale is as light and crisp as the finest Pilsner.

   Urban Wilderness – Pale Ale
This tasty pale ale gets its charm from our unique recipe. It is brewed with English malts, American hops and Alaskan water. Our pale ale is supremely balanced between bitterness and full malt flavor.

               Fish On – I.P.A.
The Pacific Northwest is home to a particular style of IPA that is lighter in color, crisper, and much hoppier than IPAs in other parts of the country.  Northwest style IPAs have a very dry finish and must have an intense hop aroma and bitterness.  Fish On! gets it's signature flavors from Simcoe and Amarillo hops, which lend a very powerful, yet drinkable, bitterness and flavor.

            49er – Amber Ale
Our 49'er Amber Ale is brewed to stand up and be different just like the great people of the 49th state. The recipe includes malts and hops from North America and Europe. The beer is pleasantly hoppy in both the aroma and taste. The malt character is slightly sweet with toasty undertones.
        Bravehart – Scottish Ale
Bravehart is rich with a smooth malty flavor. A brown sugar likeness is achieved by scorching the wort during a two hour boil.  A single addition of Magnum hops lends a very balanced and subtle hop bitterness while the rich malt flavors seduce your palate.

               Portage - Porter
A dark chocolate colored ale with a blend of toasty malt flavors and caramel, this is a malt lovers paradise.  Portage Porter's rich flavor can allow you a glimpse into the history of how beer used to taste back in the 1800s.

    Old Gander – Barley Wine
2012 Old Gander is more of a specialty beer as it is aged in rye whiskey barrels. The aroma contains hints of vanilla, sugar and toffee. The hop bitterness is barely noticeable, but only so much as to counter-act the maltiness. The flavors are unique to a beer that spends so much time in an oak vessel.
            John Henry - Stout
This special ale is as black as the Alaskan winter nights. With a nod to the past, we brew John Henry Oatmeal Stout as an American take on an Irish Classic. Fuller in flavor and with a silky mouth-feel from the oats, we add an American twist by adding a small portion of rye which lends a spicy note. Conditioned with Nitrogen, our Stout pours with a frothy head and smooth feel. 
               House Root Beer
Old fashioned Root Beer, brewed right here. Fresh from our tanks, the Root Beer is not too sweet, just like the good old days, and has a spicy finish. Want it sweeter? Try our Root Beer Floats!

April 3, 2015

German Wheat Beers "Susitna Hefeweizen"
Wheat beers are enjoyed all year and all over the world, but it's summer when I desire them most.  Next week I will release my Susitna Hefeweizen for the public.  This beer is follows classic German brewing traditions.  I used roughly 60% wheat in the grain bill and fermented her with a very famous German Hefe yeast strain (guess it).  The wheat dominates the flavor and the yeast endows  the typical fragrance of banana and clove.

May 22, 2014

The newest beer will be coming out soon. We took an American Wheat ale and aged it on peaches and apricots. The resulting beer is an interesting experience. It has a light tartness from the wheat, the bitterness and aroma come from Citra hops, and the peachy character comes forth as the beer warms. Look for this beer to be available all summer. 

April 16, 2014

This is an introduction to our newest beer. We are jokingly referring to the beer as an IPL (India Pale Lager). It is a traditional lager brewed with the hoppiness of a west coast IPA. I used all German malts and hops and fermented with a classic lager yeast strain. The result is a beer that incredibly refreshing, crisp and clean,  with a unique bitterness and subtle aroma. The beer was fermented at 48 degrees and dry-hopped during the entirety of the month-long lager period. It is a fantastic beer to welcome spring.

March 13, 2014

We have some new additions to the draft list. The American Wheat Ale was brewed specially for the Rondy Melodrama. It is an extremely sessionable ale brewed with more than 50% wheat and our house ale yeast. The Belgian Double IPA was a fun project. I used a Trappist yeast strain and brewed the beer with copious amounts of Citra and Cascade hops. It is 8% with a pleasant unique bitterness and tons of aroma. The 2014 Cherry Grand Cru is almost ready for consumption and will be on draft very soon. 

January 8, 2014

2013 Wheat Wine

It's been many moons since Sleeping Lady made the last wheat wine. The newest version of this beer is slightly different from the past, but still maintains its unique flavor. The wheat wine style is not very common, but it should be. Think of this beer as a light colored barley wine. Our particular recipe is 66% pilsner malt and 33% malted wheat. A few pounds of honey were also added to the boil just for fun. The beer was fermented with a Scottish ale yeast and ended up at 12% ABV. The wheat wine was then aged in new Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for four months. Since the barrels were new, we decided that beer would benefit from a shorter contact time. It pours with a very light carbonation and a moderate chill haze. As the beer warms, the haze will disappear and become relatively clear. There are so many flavors present in this beer, it's best if you try it for yourself. Cheers.

December 17, 2013

New Cask and Updates

A new cask has just been released. This one is the John Henry Oatmeal Stout. It was aged on Jameson-soaked American oak cubes with a natural vanilla extract and local coffee beans. The carbonation is very low but the flavor is huge. There will be several more stout firkins of varying flavors in the future. 

In other news, the Old Gander Barley Wine will be returning shortly. And, the much anticipated return of the Wheat Wine is around the corner. Fingers are crossed that this one will be as good as the last. 

October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Imperial Stout and
Easy Being Green Mosaic Wet Hop IPA

We are pleased to announce to new beers in the line-up. The Pumpkin Imperial Stout is a robust American-style Imperial Stout brewed with real pumpkin, black strap molasses, and spices. The beer is 12.5% ABV and is so rich that the bubbles are literally trapped inside. 

Easy Being Green is a wet-hop IPA featuring 100% Mosaic hops from Washington. The hops were cut from the vines and tossed in the brew with 24 hours. Brewers only get to do this once a year in the Northern Hemisphere during the harvest. Our system is not made to use the whole cone of the hop flower. We used 70 lbs of whole hops in 300 gallons of beer.  The entire process is more labor intensive. This labor of love is totally worth it (once a year). 

September 12, 2013

Gladys and Oktoberfest

We are extremely excited about releasing two new beers right now. The first, Gladys, is a "New Zealand-style" Pale Ale. The beer was brewed in collaboration with La Bodega, the renowned beverage emporium. Gladys was the name of the store's goldfish mascot in the early days. She is now in the great fish bowl in the sky. We took Pamela's ideas and turned them into a beer. The base of the beer is really an English Best Bitter. We made a 6% beer with 100% New Zealand hops: Pacific Gem, Wakatu, and Motueka. The aroma is citrusy with hints of orange and lime zest. The initial flavor is fruit and hops, but the bitterness disappears rapidly and the beer finishes dry. You are left wanting another sip!

We are also quite pleased to announce the arrival of this year's Oktoberfest. It was brewed with a traditional German Oktoberfest lager yeast and took quite a long time to mature. It pours a deep copper color with white foam. The aroma is classic for the style:  maltiness with lager tones. The beer tastes sweet, malty, and toasty, but finishes dry. We rarely get to make lager beers and are happy to have this one.

August 28, 2013

Quick Update

Many new beers are happening right now. We recently brewed another Old Gander that is now resting in barrels. The famous (or infamous) Wheat Wine is also in barrels now. An Oktoberfest is lagering and will be available very soon. We re-brewed the Braggot and it is currently fermenting. And finally, this year we decided to do a pumpkin beer. This one has been "turned to 11." It will be an American-style Imperial Stout with molasses, real pumpkin, and fancy pumpkin pie spices. Some of this will be ready immediately and a smaller amount is destined for bourbon barrels. Very exciting times!

July 24, 2013

Sunshine and Session Beers

We are in the midst of an amazing summer this year. So many days of sunny weather and warmer temps! This is the time of year when our deck fills with patrons basking in the sun quaffing some suds. The days of high-octane beers will be here soon enough, but for now, we can enjoy swilling beer after beer with our current line up of session beers. The Honey Cream Ale has just been released. It is a 5% Cream Ale brewed with corn and honey malt. It's deep golden in color with aromas and flavors of honey and fresh bread. Another recent addition to the tap lines is the Tiny IPA. This beer started as secret beer only for the brewers: an IPA that could be comfortably consumed all day. This most recent version of Tiny is a 3.5% ABV IPA brewed with a California Ale yeast and ridiculous amounts of Citra and Amarillo hops. It remains one of the brewers' favorite beers. 

May 21, 2013

German Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are enjoyed all year all over the world, but it's summer when I desire them the most. I recently released the Susitna Hefeweizen. The beer is produced according to classic German brewing traditions. I used about 60% wheat in the grain bill and fermented with a very famous German Hefe yeast strain. Wheat dominates the flavor of the beer and the yeast produced aromas of banana and clove. It's amazing deck beer. 

I also working on a Berliner Weisse. I am making this beer using very non-traditional methods and it is currently undergoing a secondary fermentation on fresh peaches. I look forward to the final product.

Current from our Brewmaster:

Apricot & Peach Wheat

"Susitna Hefeweizen"

Vanilla Porter

​Changes constantly because you people won't stop drinking it, but for now it's a Pale Ale w/ Spruce tips and Galaxy Hops!!

Coming Soon:
It's a surprise

Absolutely, fantastic beer...period
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One of the first brewpubs to pour fresh suds in Anchorage, the Snow Goose built its nest on the upper tiers of the Elks Lodge in 1996. Over the years, the Snow Goose's Sleeping Lady Brewing Company has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its expertise as a craft brewery.  We warmly invite you to join us in celebration of what we love and know as the most unique and charming brewery in all of Alaska.  When you arive you'll be met by a gracious staff, an authentic craft beer, and a truly Alaskan meal.
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