For an Appetizer only event we are happy to help put together the perfect menu, we suggest no more than 3 to 4 cold hors d’oeuvres and 3 to 4 hot hors d’oeuvres 
COLD HORS D’OUVRES: Dozen (DZ)-4 Dozen Minimum 
Deviled Eggs- Classic stuffed eggs with assorted garnishes -$22/DZ 
Chefs Choice Assorted Canapés- Selection of 4 chefs choice bite size canapés -$23/DZ 
Fruit Kabobs- Skewered fresh pineapple, melon and strawberry- $26/DZ 
Caprese Skewers-Mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil and EVOO- $26/DZ 
Jumbo Prawn-House poached & chilled prawns with classic cocktail sauce and lemons $28/DZ 
5 Pounds Peel & Eat Shrimp- House poached & chilled shell on shrimp with classic cocktail sauce and lemons -$95/5# 
SPECIALTY PLATTERS- Serves 25 guests 
Side of Alaskan Smoked Salmon- Capers, Kalamata olives, red onion, cucumbers, herbed cream cheese and assorted crackers-$130 
Alaskan Smoked Salmon Moose- Cucumbers, celery and assorted crackers-$110 
Hummus- House made with a splash of Urban Wilderness Pale Ale, with Kalamata olives, cucumbers, celery and pita bread. $95 
Herb Roasted Crostini-Olive oil and garlic roasted crostini with tomato, basil and feta salsa-$100 
Fresh Fruit - Selection of seasonal fresh fruit to include strawberries and melon.-$110 
Vegetable Crudité - Seasonal vegetable to include broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and celery with pesto ranch dip -$95 
Antipasto – Assortment of cured meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables and roasted pepper.-$110 
Domestic & Imported Cheeses- assortment of International cheeses with assorted crackers and garnished with fresh fruit-$110 

HOT HORS D’OUVRES: Dozen (DZ)-4 Dozen Minimum 

Alaskan Reindeer Sausages- Grilled and basted in Snow Goose house made BBQ sauce -$20/DZ 
Swedish Meatballs- Oven roasted meatballs with Snow Goose porter demi and sour cream & green onions -$20/DZ 
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings-Ranch dressing & celery sticks $25/DZ 
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Tender- Ranch dressing & celery sticks $25/DZ 
Crispy Spring Rolls- Pork and vegetable, with ginger-soy dipping sauce $25/DZ 
Chicken Satay –Chicken skewers with Asian peanut sauce $28/DZ 
Snow Goose Restaurant | Sleeping Lady Brewing Company 

Crispy Salmon Cake- Alaskan salmon cakes with chipotle aioli $32/DZ 
Teriyaki Chicken Skewers- Chicken skewers with teriyaki glaze $28/DZ 
Teriyaki Beef Skewers- Beef skewers with teriyaki glaze $32/DZ 
Teriyaki Salmon Skewers- Alaskan salmon skewers with teriyaki glaze $30/DZ 
Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip- Baked cream and parmesan cheeses with artichokes and spinach with pita bread $100 serves 25 
Dinner BUFFETS: minimum 25 peopleSnow Goose Restaurant | Sleeping Lady Brewing Company 
Snow Goose Banquet Menus - Page 2 of 6 – October 2013 
Crispy Salmon Cake- Alaskan salmon cakes with chipotle aioli $32/DZ 
Teriyaki Chicken Skewers- Chicken skewers with teriyaki glaze $28/DZ 
Teriyaki Beef Skewers- Beef skewers with teriyaki glaze $32/DZ 
Teriyaki Salmon Skewers- Alaskan salmon skewers with teriyaki glaze $30/DZ 
Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip- Baked cream and parmesan cheeses with artichokes and spinach with pita bread $100 serves 25 
Dinner BUFFETS: minimum 25 people 
Served with Your Choice of Two Freshly Prepared Salads, Starch, Vegetable, Rolls, Dessert and Coffee 
Two Entrée= $45 
Carving Station Additions 
Oven Roasted Prime Rib add $10 per guest 
Rosemary and Lemon Roasted Leg of Lamb add $7 per guest 
SALADS: Classic Caesar, Mixed Greens with Assorted Dressings, Cranberry Spinach, Goose Iceberg Wedge with Blue Cheese, Italian Style Pasta Salad, or Stone Ground Mustard Potato Salad. 
STARCHES: Rice Pilaf, Steamed Rice, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Oven Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes. 
VEGETABLE: Chef’s selection of freshest seasonal vegetables available 
Chicken Picatta- Seared chicken breast, white wine, lemon, caper sauce 
Chicken Marsala- Seared chicken breast, Marsala, mushroom sauce 
Classic Chicken Parmesan-Breaded chicken breast, marinara, mozzarella cheese 
Chicken Teriyaki- Seared chicken thigh meat, teriyaki glaze, caramelized pineapple 
Beef “Burgundy” Snow Goose Style – Chunks of choice beef simmered in Snow Goose Portage Porter, mushrooms, pearl onions 
Caribou Meatloaf – Snow Goose Portage Porter and mushroom demi 
Beef Teriyaki- Seared choice beef, teriyaki glaze, caramelized pineapple 
Braised Boneless Short Ribs- Simmered in Snow Goose Portage Porter, sweet & sour onions 
Boneless Pork Loin Chop- Snow Goose Portage Porter and mushroom demi 
Roasted Pork Loin- Ginger ale glaze, caramelized apples & onions 
Alaskan Seafood Lasagna- Mixed seafood, spinach, garlic cream sauce 
Red Chili Glazed Salmon-Seared and Snow Goose sweet chili sauce glazed 
Walnut-Pesto Crusted Salmon- Crusted and seared, sundried tomato -cream sauce 
Pepper Seared Rock Fish-tropical salsa, champagne beurre blanc 
Grilled Vegetable Lasagna- Pasta layered with grilled squash, peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes, garlic cream. 

Cheese Cake - Wild berry sauce 
Bread Pudding - Caramel sauce and whipped cream 
Carrot Cake - Whipped cream 
Warm Wild Berry Crisp 
Warm Brownie-Caramel sauce and vanilla Ice cream 
SNACKS: Dozen minimum - 2 dozen Pre person minimum - 20 ea 
Mixed Nuts $5/person 
Chip & Salsa $5/person 
Fresh Baked Cookies $18/DZ 
Brownies $24/DZ 
Lemon bars $24/DZ 

Snow Goose & Sleeping Lady Brewery is a Full beverage licensed Facility proudly offering specialty spirit beverages, wines and our onsite brewed award winning selection of house Beers. 
Deposits & Payments 
To secure your event at the Snow Goose, we respectfully require a 10% non-refundable deposit at time of booking. The balance amount on the invoice provided will be due at conclusion of your event unless prior arrangements have been made. 
Ten (10) working days prior to all food functions, or at the time the contract is signed, whichever is less, the Snow Goose requires the customer to submit an expected number of guests for each scheduled event. The customer will be charged a minimum of 90% of the expected number of guests, regardless of the final guarantee. The final guaranteed number of guests for all food functions must be submitted to the Snow Goose by Noon, three (3) business days prior to the date of the function. If the guarantee is not received by the cut-off date/time, the Snow Goose will assume that the “expected” number of guest is noted at the top of the contract or the expected number of guests submitted ten (10) working days prior to the event is the guarantee, whichever is higher. The guarantee becomes the minimum number of guests used in calculating the amount to be charged and the maximum number for food preparation. Should the actual number of guests in attendance of the event exceed the guarantee; the customer will be charged for the number of guests in attendance. All increases to guarantees within three (3) business days are subject to food availability and surcharges. The Snow Goose will prepare 5% above the guarantee. The Snow Goose cannot guarantee that the same menu items will be served to guests above the overset. Food and beverage choices are based on availability and are at the Snow Goose’s discretion. 
All Food & Beverage is subject to 20% Service Charge. 
Alcoholic Beverages 
The State Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco regulates the sale and service of all alcoholic beverages. The Snow Goose is responsible for the administration of such regulations. If alcoholic beverages are to be served on the Snow Goose premises, we require that these beverages be dispensed only by Snow Goose TAP certified servers and bartenders. Our alcoholic beverage license requires us to: 1) request proper identification (photo ID) of any Person of questionable age and refuse alcoholic beverage service if the proper identification cannot be produced and 2) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any Person who, in the Snow Goose’s judgment, appears intoxicated. Provisions of the Snow Goose’s liquor license prohibit the patron or attendees from providing alcoholic beverages from outside sources. 
The Snow Goose requires that the Snow Goose provide all food and beverage. Any meeting space rented must meet a food and beverage minimum determined by your contract or pay incurred Facility Fee. The Snow Goose will gladly prepare a custom menu to meet your specific requirements, if you prefer. In accordance with the Alaska Health Department, no food and/or beverages are to leave the premises and no outside food or beverages may be brought on property. 

The Snow Goose does not have any private parking.Additional Services 
Any services that would incur additional costs (i.e. power or electrical charges, décor, entertainment, security, coat check, etc.) will be discussed with you by The Snow Goose Manager upon your request. 
Decoration, Signage, & Banners 
Your Snow Goose Manager can offer referrals for floral centerpieces, specialty linens, themed props, entertainment and ice sculptures. We partner with the Alaska’s finest vendors to assist with creating your perfect event. Requests to hang banners or special signage which will not fit on an easel will need to be conveyed to the Snow Goose at least 72 hours prior to the time needed and are subject to management approval. There will be a $30 per hour labor fee with a one-hour minimum. In order to prevent damage to our fixtures and furnishings, all decorations, signage, and/or displays brought into the Snow Goose by guests must be approved prior to arrival. All decorations and displays must be in compliance with the State Building code and meet the approval of the Anchorage Fire Marshall. Items may not be attached to any stationary wall, floor, windows or ceiling with nails staples, tape, tacks or any other substance in order to prevent damage to the facility, fixtures and furnishings. According to Anchorage fire regulations, all candles or any devices that emit flame or smoke must be enclosed in glass or non-flammable containers. 
Smoke-free Policy 
The Snow Goose is designated as a smoke-free facility, which includes all meeting and public areas. There are specially designed outdoor smoking areas available for guests. 
The Snow Goose shall not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought into The Snow Goose or for any item left unattended. Special arrangements for security of exhibits merchandise or articles for display must be made prior to the planned event.Rental Minimums & Room Charges 
Rental Minimums and Room Charge Fees Include: 
1. Rental and set up and break down of Snow Goose tables & chairs. 
2. Basic Janitorial of Snow Goose Facilities. 
3. All catered events China, glassware, high quality paper napkins, table top linens and flatware. 
4. All Catered events food and beverage set up and breakdown. 

Service charges will apply to food and beverage expense only. 
Theater: Banquet Dinner Seating up to 120 guests (rounds of 8) or Reception/Mixer up to 175 guests 
 Facility Rates January 2- November 30th 
 Monday - Thursday…………..$2000 minimum per event 
 Facility Rates Friday and Saturday…….. $3000 minimum per event 
 Facility Rates December 1st - December 31st 
 Tuesday – Thursday ………… $3000 minimum per event 
 Theatre rental fee $500 
 Friday and Saturday ….. $4000 minimum per event 

Theatre: Event Row Seating for up to 200 guests 

Theatre Room Rental Rates added to all events 
 MON-THU 4pm-11pm………….$450.00 
 FRI-SAT-Sun 4pm-11pm………$600.00 

Pub Private East Banquet Room: Banquet Dinner Seating up to 25 guests or Reception up to 45 guests 
 SUN-THU 4pm-11pm………….$200.00 minimum per event 
 FRI-SAT 4pm-11pm…………….$300.00 minimum per event 
 Facility Fee December 1st-December 31st 
 SUN-THU 4pm-11pm………….$300.00 minimum per event 
 FRI-SAT 4pm-11pm…………….$400.00 minimum per event 
 Pub Private Room charge of $35.00 will be added to all events 
 Additional facility fee of $25.00 per hour will be apply, if minimum charges are not met. 

Event Inquiry Form
The Snow Goose Performing Arts Theatre is large enough to seat 200 people in a theatre type setting, approximately 170 in a mixer setting (as seen in the photo below),  and comfortably provide formal dining for up to 150 guests!
Our theatre also has a professional stage for entertainment
Our facility has private rooms for smaller celebrations.
Ask about the East Banquet Room with full service for only $35.
Our Professional Chefs and Service Staff deliver tailored hospitality and a wide variety of menu item choices
The Snow Goose professionally caters private and public events with full service options. We carefully and considerately walk you through all the details so you can enjoy your event as a guest, not a host.   Please ask for an on-site inspection of our facility that allows us the opportunity to share with you a detailed overview of our historic venue and amenities.  In addition,  our banquet management team can help you customize a menu that is tailored to your needs.  Please take a moment to browse our banquet menu (bottom of page) while giving thought to any concerns.  This will help us to help you properly make many of the important decisions surrounding your event.  Every public or private event hosted by the Snow Goose is staffed with professionals who are committed to managing them successfully, and we won't let you leave without telling you we appreciate your business.  For nearly 20 years we have been a respected venue that continues the tradition of hosting remarkable parties.

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